Started a preparatory group


Established a CiP Council


Set up the “10 visions”

  • 01. A Japanese-influenced fusion of Silicon Valley and Hollywood
  • 02. A base where cosplayers gather and robots fly around
  • 03. A permanent institution to create new industries
  • 04. An international university and futuristic kindergarten
  • 05. A hub where creators and entrepreneurs live together
  • 06. A Dejima in the 21st Century
  • 07. A daily collection of workshops
  • 08. A platform for collaboration between industry, government, and academia
  • 09. A global intersection connecting metropolitan cities in Japan and abroad
  • 10. A bridge between the sea and the sky


We have achieved results with our R&D, business support, hub, and human resource development.


Based in Takeshiba, we are promoting Pop culture & Tech.

The CiP Council in Tokyo Port City Takeshiba, is the world’s most advanced smart building located in a national special strategic zone in the Tokyo Bay area.
At Tokyo Port City Takeshiba, we are promoting pop and tech cultures around global, starting with the development of Takeshiba area.
Based on our past activities, we have grouped the four categories into content, business, education, and technology, and have taken a further leap forward under a new banner.
We have re-mastered the CiP vision from “10: A bridge between the sea and the sky” to “10: A Creation of a Super bored Society.